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DIRSC109 - Size 1 Screw Conveyor Drive 9:1 Ratio
Item code 130 DIRSC109
Reducer Size: 1      Ratio: 9:1     Model #: DIRSC109      Dodge #: 241480    Weight: 55 lbs

The LMI Shaft Mount Reducer Models are ideally suited to power conveyors, mixers, elevators, extruders, pumps, and many other applications that require heavy duty applications.

The speed reducer shall be either belt driven or direct coupled, enclosed shaft mount-type unit with double reduction ratio. The reducer is mounted directly on the driven shaft and utilizes an adjustable torque-arm to support the gear case to the support structure.

All gearings are helical design, case carburized, precision ground rather than shaved, with a Rockwell hardness C 58-62 with a resilient core for high shock load capacity. All shaft mounts contain double lip seals, spring load type made of nitrile rubber. Tapered bushings with a wide range of bore variations provide an effective and simple way to mount the reducer.
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