• LMI reducers are exact replacement for Dodge
  • Reducer housings are thicker than TXT's
  • Housings are predrilled for the CEMA adapter
  • Gears are precision ground not shaved
  • Gears and Shafts have been hardened to RC 62
  • Premium Viton Seals are made from the highest quality material
  • Gears are case carburized
  • Gears are AGMA Class 12
  • Reducers conservitively rated due to Class 12 gearing
  • Bearings are selected from brand name manufacturers
  • All parts interchangeable with the Dodge series listed above
  • LMI 's easy to use catalog
  • LMI List Prices are identical with Dodge List prices
  • Ease of replacing Dodge no need for modifcations
  • Extra strength for SCXT applications
  • Lowers inventory by just installing options such as CEMA adapter and shaft
  • Longer gear life and better gear mesh
  • Hardness on the Rockwell scale is higher than Dodge RC 57
  • Longer seal life reducing leakage and possible reducer failures
  • Longer life less wear
  • Ability to take heavier shock loads and increased durability
  • Ability to use smaller reducer when approved by engineering
  • Brand names such as Timken, Koyo, BCA etc
  • LMI & Dodge parts are readily available for immediate shipment.
  • Easily read with interchange to Dodge item numbers
  • Customers have the list prices in their system already with part numbers
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