About Our Company

LMI Reducers was founded by Maurice Brashear in 2002 as an answer to the market's demand for high quality, premium shaft mount gear reducers and replacement parts with an outstanding, solid customer service to support the product line.

From the beginning, LMI Reducers established a foundation as a quality manufacturer of reducers, initiating immediate growth with a view to solidifying LMI as a leader in this market.

That commitment remains as solid today as it was back in 2002. LMI Reducers has customers representing domestic and foreign O.E.M.s as well as many distributors. Our products are used for construction, industrial and agricultural equipment, and more. We remain dedicated to the same guiding principles upon which our company was founded, with an unwavering commitment to quality and dedication to progress. We know that the strength and reliability of our products reflects upon our company, and we are proud to provide you with reducers that have been recognized industry-wide for their quality. And we believe your company deserves nothing less.
Commitment to Quality
Take a closer look, and rest assured that the quality of our products have passed the industry standards of Quality Assurance.

We ensure the quality of our products in a variety of ways. And it starts with our people. LMI Reducers' personnel are highly trained professionals, including a number of Quality Assurance personnel. This special group of employees helps us to continually enhance our manufacturing processes. They understand their roles in ensuring customer satisfaction … and they’re committed to the continual improvement process and to meeting stringent quality objectives.

Our Quality Assurance personnel also use our state-of-the-art equipment to verify our products meet blueprint specifications, carefully monitoring factors like high grade materials, hardness, tolerances, tensile strength, torque tension, and corrosion resistance.

In our total quality management system, all departments realize their objectives in meeting customer satisfaction. One example is our commitment to on-time delivery. In these days of just-in-time and short lead times, all departments must realize their tasks and how the way we work impacts our customers. That’s why all our employees work together to meet and exceed our customers’ needs, and we track our progress in our regular Advanced Product Quality Planning meetings.

Our vigilant quality enforcement enables us to provide you with a better product. It also minimizes waste incurred through production errors, which means we can provide you with top-quality products at competitive prices. And it ensures you get the products you need exactly when you need them.

These efforts and more have earned us industry-wide recognition for outstanding Quality and Customer Service.
Our Products


Products that we supply are engineered here in the USA.

  • Shaft Mount Speed Reducers Sizes 1 through 10
  • Screw Conveyor Drive Reducers Sizes 1 through 8
  • Tapered Bushings Kits in all Sizes
  • Backstops in all Sizes
  • Motors Mounts Sizes 1 through 10
  • Beltguards Sizes 1 through 10
  • CEMA Adapters Sizes 1 through 8
  • Screw Drive Shafts in All Sizes
  • Bearing Kits in all Sizes
  • Torque Arm Kits all Sizes
  • Replacement Gears in all Sizes
  • Replacement Hubs in all Sizes
  • Shim Kits all Sizes
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